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Venezuela will move to a new time zone in May to save energy

Published: 21st Apr 2016

Angel Falls, Venezuela.

Venezuela is to change its time zone to save energy during its ongoing electricity crises. Current time zone is UTC -3:30 and the new time zone will be UTC -4.

The time switch will take place in May 1, 2016. By changing the time zone sun will set 30 minutes later in the afternoon to reduce electricity consumption in homes.

Man behind the plan is President Nicolás Maduro, who is been leading the country since 2013. Other steps to save energy are to regulate energy consumption in 15 shopping malls which have not supplied their own generators, despite being told to do so. Also public workers will have all Fridays off through May to save energy. Other surprising method to save energy is by urging women to cut usage of hair dryers.