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Uruguay stopped observing DST permanently

Published: 11th Dec 2015

Wind energy in Uruguay.

Uruguay approved 29 June 2015 to stop using daylight saving time (DST) from this year onwards. In 2004 Uruguay was in the middle of an electricity crisis when DST was established to ease the situation. The need for DST is not there anymore from electricity standpoint. Also the Chamber of Tourism has give an initiative against DST since they noticed the DST to have negative effect on tourism industry.

Uruguay has become a leading country in the world on using green energy to run the nation. 55% of the energy is produced from renewable sources.

World Bank and WWF has praised Uruguay on its effort towards green energy. In 2014 WWF named Uruguay as "Green Energy Leaders", meaning "The country is defining global trends in renewable energy investment." So perhaps DST has served its purpose for Uruguay and it was time to stop the time changes.