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Time News in 2013

Recent news related to time, time zone and daylight saving time

The state of Acre in Brazil will change time zone

Published: 20th Oct 2013

Brazil produces 50 million bags (á 60 kg) of coffee every year.

Senator Jorge Viana announced that the state of Acre in Brazil will change its time zone on November 10, 2013. At the moment the standard time zone in Acre is UTC-4, but from November 10 onwards it will be UTC-5.

The standard time zone in Brasília, that is the capital of Brazil is UTC-3. After the time zone change in Acre, the time difference between the state of Acre and the capital will be two hours instead of one.

Acre does not follow daylight saving time (DST) but Brasília does. Therefore, after the time zone change in Acre the time difference during summer time will be three hours between Acre and the capital.

The senate of Brazil has passed the bill of changing the time zone in the state of Acre and in some of the westernmost municipalities of the state of Amazonas. The President still needs to approve the bill the changes to take place.

Daylight saving time

Brazil moved to daylight saving time at midnight of Saturday, October 19, 2013. The clocks were moved one hour forward to 01:00 a.m. of Sunday, October 20. Note that numerous states in Brazil do not follow daylight saving time. However, the central and southernmost parts do.