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Jordan will remain in summer time a second year in a row

Published: 20th Oct 2013

Amman, Jordan.

The government of Jordan made an announcement recently that the country will stay another year in daylight saving time (DST). Originally it was supposed to switch to standard time on Friday, October 25, 2013.

In the of autumn of 2012 the government made a decision not to switch to standard time from daylight saving time. This experiment was supposed to last for one year. However, the experiment will last at least a year longer.

Jordan's time zone is Eastern European Time Zone (EET), that is UTC+2. During summer time the time followed is Eastern European Summer Time (EEST), that is UTC+3.

Because the nation will follow daylight saving time also during the winter time period the time zone followed will be UTC+3 at least till autumn 2014.