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Armenia canceled summer time

Published: 1st February 2012, 15:49 GMT

Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. In the background is Mount Ararat.

The Government of Armenia came to a decision to stop switching the clocks between summer and winter time. Therefore, this year summer time will not be observed in Armenia.

The geographical time zone for Armenia is GMT-3, even though the official time zone is GMT-4. The discrepancy of the time zones results from 1930's, when the clocks were moved one hour forward in the former USSR, informed Minister of Economy, Tigran Davtyan.

This undertaking will have positive effects on citizens' health, said Tigran Davtyan. Fall and autumn are stressful periods for human health and the summer time change may cause additional problems.

With the new decision the time zones of Russia and Western Europe will be closer during summer. Armenia has been on GMT-5 during daylight saving time, but on the coming summer the time difference between Armenia and Middle Europe will be only two hours.

According to Tigran Davtyan, Armenia may change its time zone to GMT-3 after a year or later.