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'Double summer time' debate is on in UK

Published: 2nd November 2011, 12:23 GMT

Big Ben, London.

The House of Commons proposed UK to follow Central European Time instead of GMT as a new standard time. According to a study, it would increase accidents slightly in the darker mornings but end up decreasing more accidents in the evenings when drivers are tired and prone to mistakes. The road safety charity BRAKE has estimated that with a time zone change, 450 lives a year would be saved.

The trial period is planned to last for three years if the Welsh and Scottish governments agree with it.

Similar adjustments have been held twice before. The first time was during the World War II to increase productivity and to ensure munitions workers to get home safely rather than to travel in the dark. Then again it was tested on years 1968-1971.

If the plea goes through, in October when the summer time ends the clocks will not be set back. And in March when daylight saving time starts, the clocks will be advanced for one hour. Here comes the term 'double summer time'.